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DC Superhero Charm Bracelet


"I'm Not An Idiot, Black. I Know There Are Bad Men In Power And The World Is Not An Equitable Place -- But You Can't Throw Morality In The Garbage Just Because Life's Tough!"-Superman

Flash Helmet Keychain

"You can't let the threat of losing tomorrow keep you from making the most of today."

Flash Helmet Necklace


"Keeping Secrets From People For Their Own Good Was A Noble Decision."

Reverse Flash Keyring

"I’m not like The Flash at all. Some would say I’m the reverse."-Reverse Flash

Scarlet Speedster Adjustable Handchain

"Every kid dreams of being a superhero. Having powers, saving people. But no kid thinks about what it's like to be a hero and not saving people. Truth is, not much else changes. You still hurt, you still love, you still wish and hope and fear things, and you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that’s the best part."-Barry Allen

Scarlet Speedster Ring

"It doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest kid in gym class or the fastest man alive, every one of us is running. Being alive means running; running from something; running to something or someone. And no matter how fast you are, there are some things you can’t outrun; some things always manage to catch up to you."

Star Lab Keychain

"Life is locomotion... if you're not moving, you're not living. But there comes a time when you've got to stop running away from things... and you've got to start running towards something, you've got to forge ahead. Keep moving, even if your path isn’t lit. Trust that you’ll find your way."-- Barry, 'Prime Earth' Volume 5

Superhero Flash Lightning Keychain

"I thought being the fastest man alive would make my life easier, that I could outrun anything. Turns out, no one can outrun pain."-Barry Allen

Superhero Flash Lightning Pendant Necklace

“I don’t choose being The Flash over being with my family. I’m The Flash for my family. And I don’t have to run to the future to understand why I sacrificed myself. I’d do it to save you, and your mom, all the people I love.”-Barry Allen

The Flash Digital Alarm Clock

"Part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people."- Season 5, 'The Flash & The Furious'

The Flash Lightning Necklace


"You Can't Let Go Of Your Love For Somebody Cause You're Afraid."

The Running Flash Figure

"There’s only one thing I know about life. I know some things happen by chance. And some things happen because we make them happen."-Barry Allen