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Cupid Of Crime Choker

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Momma’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world.”-Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn – “Puddin” – Choker (Black)

“I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch-diameter exit wound in you.”-Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Inspired Bat Keychain

“You thought I was just another bubble-headed blond bimbo! Well, the joke’s on you, ’cause I’m not even a real blonde.”-Harley Quinn

King And Queen Of Chaos Adjustable Ring Set

I love him not for the way he silenced my demons, but for the way his demons dance with mine.”-Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn – Daddy’s Lil Monster

“It soon became clear to me that the Joker, so often described as a raving, homicidal madman, was actually a tortured soul crying out for love and acceptance. A lost, injured child trying to make the world laugh at his antics.”-Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Charm Bracelet

Every woman has a crazy side that only the right man can bring out.”-Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn by Crazy toys

You think I’m just a doll. A doll that’s pink and light. A doll you can arrange any way you like. You’re wrong. Very wrong. What you think of me is only a ghost of time. I am dangerous. And I will show you just how dark I can be.”

Suicide Squad Joker by Crazy toys

“Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever.” – The Joker